Guidance Notes

Beginning counselling will involve you making certain arrangements. These notes are offered for your information and guidance, if you wish discuss any of these please do not hesitate to Contact Us:

  • Confidentiality – We will not disclose any information to anyone about your counselling except where required by law. 
  • We are a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which has a code of ethics and practice and a complaints procedure.
  • Counselling works best in a one to one situation. However we also offer telephone and online counselling at a reduced rate
  • Sessions are held on the same day and time every week. Each session lasts one hour. The length of the counselling contract will be discussed at the first session and is open to review.
  • 48 hours cancellation notice is required. Missed sessions will be charged for.
  • Notice will be given to you when your counsellor is on holiday. We do not work on Bank Holidays.
  • We review our fees annually on the 1st of April and will advise you of any changes.
  • You may terminate counselling whenever you wish. However it is desirable to give us at least one month’s notice.
  • We do not have a waiting room so please arrive at your appointment time.